Interruption. Appearance and disappearance of man-made landscapes
Tammiku & Kohila
25.07. - 31.07.2021

The TAKKK Environmental Art Symposium introduces the possibilities and ability of environmental art to describe the relationship between the human and the environment.

During the symposium, Austrian, Italian, US, Turkish and Swiss artists will create works inspired by the former industrial buildings and other man-made structures of the Kohila and Tammiku area.


Their installations will be exhibited in local industrial landscapes that require marking and attention.

The TAKKK Environmental Art Symposium provides the audience with an opportunity to (re)learn, (re)remember and value the history of the region, and participate in the revitalization of the former industrial landscapes.

Do abandoned places remember people?

There is nothing eternal in this world. All life is in constant motion, at the mercy of life and death. This also applies to man-made landscapes and sites as well as layers of relationships and memories attached to them. Once centres of life, areas of cultural and environmental value, production buildings, meeting points and road networks – everything disconnects, fades away, is forgotten and grown over after a certain number of breaths in history. Memories keep on flickering for a moment before dying away. Name is the last to disappear.

Interruption as transition, as the key to continuation that opens the doors of history and halts the natural process of nature taking over.

The question Can Abandoned Places Still Remember People? is looking for answers during the Environmental Art Symposium. The artists will stop the natural transformation of the former industrial facilities in the Kohila & Tammiku area and interrupt the disappearance of former landmarks from people's memory landscapes for a moment.


Curator Elo Liiv




Fashion designer

Lilli Jahilo focuses on dresses that are designed to empower the modern woman, with all garments produced responsibly. 


Fashion and portrait photographer

Elina Simonen is a Finnish fashion and portrait photographer who has an eye for bringing out
the beauty in her subjects. Simonen combines high work ethic and commitment for delivery
with a sensitivity to what is special in her subject.

Villem Jahu
Triinu Jürves
Kaarel Kütas

Multidisciplinary mediums

The fruitful cooperation between Triinu Jürves, Villem Jahu and Kaarel Kütas has lasted for more than ten years.

Triinu, kaare, villem.jpg
ansis in action.jpg
Ansis Dobicins


Ansis Dobičins works with materials and themes what possesses social or industrial symbolic and establishes artistic view on the world and society represented trough metaphoric installations and sculptures.

Villu Plink
Indrek Mikk
Kristjan Sisa
Margit Mikk

Multidisciplinary mediums

The group "People Looking at the Sea" was created in 2002. The main idea behind their work is to look for an answer on how to be a human staying in harmony with nature, and how to find happiness sustainably and responsibly.


Multidisciplinary mediums

Samuelle Green’s work has always been multidisciplinary and focused on nature’s interaction with the human-made world.


Scientist and nomadic creator

Elena Redaelli's practice lays on the sculpture and installation created through a deep relationship with a place and society.



Wherever Roger Rigorth finds himself in the tension of modern civilisation and environment, he is using his artistic ability's to get reconnected and resourced to natural processes. 


Installation artist

In his artistic statement, Serkan Demir seeks to create a cultural map of impressions based on the political realities of the geography he inhabits.

Michele Seffino

Composer and sound artist

Michele Seffino works primarily on sound installations and time-based art.


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